035: Valerie Grandury — Importance of Natural Skincare Products

035: Valerie Grandury — Importance of Natural Skincare Products

035: Valerie Grandury — Importance of Natural Skincare Products 1000 1245 Suzanne Quast

Natural skincare is all the rave and Valerie Grandury and her company Odacite pioneered this clean beauty movement. (clean beauty is the idea that you mix efficacy and purity in skincare products. Guess what guys, you can have it all!

Valerie had a life-changing moment, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and given a prognosis of 5 years to live, she knew if she wanted to heal she would have to change everything in her life. She quit her job, went vegan, removed all the toxins from life physically and mentally, which eventually led her to create her super successful, all-natural skincare brand, Odacite. Here are some of the highlights:

*On average every woman in America exposes their bodies to 200 chemicals per day from our personal care products.

*Your skin is the largest organ and needs to be fed the right ingredients, natural ingredients.

*French women don’t wear a lot of makeup, therefore their skincare routine is their makeup. The French have two rules: 1. Do no harm (ditch the peels- ummm this was the opposite of what i have been taught). 2. It’s a routine – something you do every single day.

*Valerie shares the routine all of us should practice- cleanse, toning mist, treat and hydrate.

*Fairy Godmother of good skin is aloe vera, anti-aging, create on sensitive skin, and purifies skin.

*Water is not good for your skin (ummmmm, what???) she replaces water with aloe vera in all her products.

*Although we have a routine skin care routine, we need to diversify in the oils and serums we use-think of like this, we don’t eat the same food everyday so don’t put the same thing on your face every day.

*Anti-aging- it’s all about concentration of antioxidants and vitamins. We want to slow down the aging process by giving antidotes to free radicals. Your skin is most receptive anti-aging at night because that’s when your body goes into repair mode.

*How do we become more green- find a company that you trust, and talk to someone about slowly changing one thing at a time.




  • 1:06 Valerie’s defining moment of having breast cancer was a catalyst for her to create to the successful brand Odacite
  • 5:20 toxins and why it’s bad for the skin
  • 7:09 biggest changes in natural beauty space 
  • 8:37 misinformed, what is the most common mistake women make on their skin | 2 rules of skincare
  • 11:35 routine every person should practice every day
  • 12:35 why toning mist is better than a toner
  • 13:15 aloe vera importance 
  • 14:50 water is not good as an ingredient for your skin
  • 15:40 Odacite serums and how to diversify skincare
  • 17:40 preventing aging 
  • 19:00 small changes that the average person can make in their skincare routine
  • 20:19 where she sees Odacite going 
  • 21:50 acne spot treatment is willow bark