034: Amberly Lago –– Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

034: Amberly Lago –– Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

034: Amberly Lago –– Turning Tragedy Into Triumph 1920 1080 Suzanne Quast

This woman has overcome sexual abuse, divorce and a car accident that almost took her leg. Amberly’s story is one of astounding resilience.

After a terrible motorcycle accident, she was told there was a 1% chance of saving her leg, most people would have heard that and felt destroyed, she heard that and heard a glimmer a hope. 1% meant there was a chance, a chance she would bet on.

In this episode, Amberly shares her method for dealing with chronic pain and emphasizes the importance of community in dealing with tragedy. She fully embraces her life’s mission which is, no matter what your circumstances are you can get out it and have a better life. It’s your choice. Her tragedy taught her about the capabilities of the human spirit. Her pain taught her compassion, patience and that everything takes time to heal.

“Your impact is only as strong as you are”

For more from Amberly follow her on Instagram (@amberlylagomotivation), her podcast, True Grit & Grace.




  • :53 Amberly shares her story
  • 3:00 perspective / importance of a community
  • 5:20 dealing with chronic pain/her rock bottom
  • 7:53 Tools for dealing with obstacles – PACER method
  • 9:20 morning ritual
  • 10:00 how bad is the pain
  • 12:00 what has this taught you of yourself
  • 16:12 Post traumatic growth
  • 19:30 the legacy she wants to leave behind