What’s the STORY behind Omax

What’s the STORY behind Omax

What’s the STORY behind Omax 1920 1080 Suzanne Quast

Omax’s Alpha + Omega Cognitive Boost

As many of you know, I am all about Fearlessly Owning Your Story- your heath story, relationship story, fitness story- all of it.

I have always been into health and nutrition, it’s been an intricate piece of the fabric of my life. I deeply care about optimizing my body and trying to feel my absolute best (which is a work in progress, another post to come about this ?). I have been blessed with good genetics but I also take very good care of myself, from what I feed my body to the workouts I do to trying very hard to nurture my mind and soul.

Suzanne Quast Omax Health Wellness

With all the interviews i’ve been doing with influential people in the health and wellness space, I’ve come to learn just how important supplements can be to our overall health. As much as we try to eat all the right things, we don’t always get everything we need from food, even if we are eating whole, real foods. Therefore I sought out companies that I believe have amazing products that can actually help and optimize our bodies. Omax Health has become one of my absolute favorites. I am blessed to be partnered with them for 6 months now. I believe in their products and the people who work with and for the company.

Here are some of their products that i’m obsessing over these days:

  1. Cognitive boost– this little gem has 1000 mg of omega 3’s with 150 alpha-GPC. What does this mean in layman’s terms: It helps with focus, concentration, memory, energy and even increases dopamine levels. I have my entire family hooked on this, I want to make sure my dad especially is getting omega’s and alpha GPC’s to keep his brain sharp and healthy. Plus Omax has some of the best quality omega’s out there. When I interviewed Omax’s president, Evan Demarco, he said the ingredients in this are similar to what pregnant women take to help their growing fetus’ developing brains. This is pretty damn valuable, I take this every day!!!!
  2. Probiotic– by now we all keep hearing about gut health. Our guts are our second brains. There have been many studies that prove that the imbalance of bacteria in our gut’s are linked to disease and our overall health. Probiotics are good bacteria that help restore the natural balance of our gut bacteria. I think this is So important. Healthy gut = healthy body = healthy mind; it’s ALL linked.
  3. CBD Stress and Sleep Remedy– this one was a game changer for me. This is actually the product that initially got me hooked on Omax. I was looking for a natural relaxer and sleep aid and found this. I love it! Keep in mind though, this isn’t like an ambien where you take it and are immediately knocked out, with this you need to take a couple hours before bedtime; it helps your body naturally fall asleep. These days I’m all about natural.
  4. Blue Light Glasses– this is super trendy and it’s for good reason. Who stares at their phone when they get in bed? Watches Netflix? Pulls out the computer and stares at the screen. Ekkkkkk. This is no bueno, there has been overwhelming studies done that the blue light coming from iPhones, tv’s, computer monitors, is effecting our sleep, cognitive function and overall health. This increases our cortisol levels, makes our bodies think it’s daytime, therefore it’s harder to fall asleep. One thing we can do is get a pair of blue light glasses- I recommend wearing an hour before going to bed.
    These are some of my fav products! Check out Omax, trust me your body and mind will thank you.

One more thing, whenever I look to partner with a company I obviously care about quality but the other thing that’s really important to me is the people who are a part of the company. I cannot say enough just how appreciative I am to Evan Demarco, President of Omax and also in charge of product development. He went out of his way to help a family member of mine, he got her in with one of the top doctors in the country, offered to create a meal plan and sat down with us and explained in depth how our bodies work and why disease and inflammation occurs in the body. This guy is the real deal. He didn’t have to do this but he genuinely cares about helping others. He is the epitome of why I’m in the space I am ??

Here is the link to Omax (Use code Quast20 for 20% off all their products ❤️)

Try one out and let me know what you think! Or if you’re using other products you love comment those as well!

Happy health!