019: Max Lugavere — Prevent Alzheimer’s & Increase Your Brain Health

019: Max Lugavere — Prevent Alzheimer’s & Increase Your Brain Health

019: Max Lugavere — Prevent Alzheimer’s & Increase Your Brain Health 1920 1080 Suzanne Quast

Be informed and inspired to change your life with brain health expert, Max Lugavere, a journalist, New York Times best selling author of “Genius Foods”, host of the #1 health podcast “Genius Life”.

After discovering his mom had early signs of dementia in 2010, and with no family history of dementia, Max went on the journey of figuring out how and why this occurred.

What he found is that Alzheimer’s begins decades in the brain before you show any signs of the disease. And that you can effect your cognitive destiny right now by the foods you eat and the environment you live in.

His research is now being used by physicians and health care providers as a tool for Alzheimer’s prevention.

In this interview he shares the difficult moment that he knew his mother needed help, the 7 healthy brain foods that can help us obtain optimal brain function and decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s, what oils you should using and which you should avoid, his views on the keto diet, and so much more. This interview is packed with information!

Max- thank you for sharing your story and dedicating your life to brain health. Because of you, people can arm themselves with the tools to postpone and perhaps avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s. Because of you we can lift brain fog and increase our cognitive health. I know you would give anything to have your mom back but I know she is smiling down on you and filled with so much pride.




  • 1:30 his moms journey with dementia

  • 8:40 what is the genius plan

  • 9:30 environmental toxins

  • 11:15 top 7 foods for brian health (SO much good info here!!!)

  • 13:40 max‘s view on the celery juice fad

  • 16:00 mustard seed hack

  • 20:00 do NOT use grapeseed oil

  • 21:15 Japanese diet- is rice bad for you?

  • 24:00 why max doesn’t consume bread

  • 25:00 keto diet

  • 27:00 high cholesterol

  • 28:30 max view on poultry

  • 30:58 eggs & cholesterol